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The Engine Tuning Experts are always on hand to help alleviate any fears you may have with regards to getting your car remapped.

  Engine Remaps have the expertise to safely ecu remap or carry out ecu tuning on your car engine. Normally whilst you wait.

Our coverage includes the whole of the area and more. For a more comprehensive list to see what areas we can cover for mobile ecu remapping please check the list here.

Q: What is an ECU?

A: An engine control unit (ECU), is also known as a PCM (powertrain control module). This is an electronic control unit, which controls actuators on an internal combustion engine to help the engine run at optimum.

Q: What is ECU Remapping?

A: ECU remapping is a tuning procedure of the engine, that allows several manufacturer constraints to be lifted from the vehicle. Sound confusing, click here for more information on what ecu remapping is & why these limitations are placed by vehicle manufacturers.

Q: Will ECU tuning put my engine under more stress?

A: We always remap with consideration for the engine and never exceed the engine’s limits whilst remapping your car.

Q: Is it possible for me to choose a map to suit my driving style?

A: Yes, as we have our own in house map writers we can gear our maps to our customers’ requirements, whether that be for economy, all out power or for towing purposes. All files are written by custom remapping each one.

Q: What makes and models can you remap?

A: We remap all makes and models. If you can’t find the car make or car model you are looking for, please don’t be disheartened. Give us a call and we will definitely be able to find you a solution for your car. The following makes are just a few of the ones we remap: Alfa Romeo ECU Remapping, Audi ECU Remapping, BMW ECU Remapping, Ford ECU Remapping, Honda ECU Remapping, Land Rover ECU Remapping, Skoda ECU Remapping, Volkswagen VW ECU Remapping and many more. Click here for a full list of our ECU Remapping range.

Q: Which cars and vans can you tune? I can’t find my vehicle on the list?

Most modern cars can profit from this method of tuning. If you cannot see your vehicle on our list, please do not worry. We are always updating our vehicle list and so, may be able to still help. Give us a quick call or drop us an email.

Q: What will an ECU remap change in my engine?

By remapping your vehicle, quite a few engine processes are altered to help you gain the best from your vehicle. Our custom maps normally mean the modification of upto 22 files within your ECU. Remapping your ECU is the safest and most successful way to securely optimise your engine.

Q: Is the work guaranteed?

ECU Remaps promise not to make any physical changes to your vehicle. We do offer a lifetime warranty for any software faults that may occur due to one of our remaps. Furthermore, all remaps, tuning and software changes are backed by a 14-28 day moneyback guarantee (Please check with your Tuning Agent, as this may vary from one company to another). We also offer an extended warranty, at an extra charge, that covers you for the value of your car, up to £10,000 (Please check with your Remap Experts agent for applicability]. Most issues or complaints can normally be rectified by reverting the vehicle back to standard. If you feel that the installed remap product has become faulty, we can re-install this free of charge. Please remember that a professionally remapped engine by Tuning or any certified remap engineer will never cause your vehicle any technical, if the engine has been well maintained and serviced properly.

Q: What BHP and Torque increase can I expect on my car?

Check the vehicle lists’ pages for the figures for approximate gains. If you can’t find your vehicle, then get in touch and we will surely be able to help.

Q: Does having an ECU Remap help fuel consumption?

Yes. In diesel vehicles, definite improvements of up to 20% are possible. In petrol vehicles the only gain is in performance.

Q: How can a trustworthy ECU Remapping company help?

These companies will find out each individual’s requirements and what you want from your vehicle. They will read your vehicle’s ECU and obtain the engine map file. Once they know what you want, your ECU map will be customised to meet all your criteria and then uploaded back onto the vehicle’s ECU. In doing this, it is without a doubt, that bonus power (bhp) and torque (nm) will be obtained from your engine without any sort of dependability or trust issues. Most owners also report that they have seen substantially improved fuel economy once their vehicle’s engine has been remapped, chipped or tuned. This however, depends on the way the vehicle is driven, because it is always too easy to make the mistake of keeping that right foot down once you feel the engine to be more responsive. The other main advantages of ECU remapping are that the drive will become alot smoother, with improved compliance throughout the rev range, also allowing for effortless acceleration and better, safer overtaking.

Q: Why is ECU remapping so effective?

Car manufacturers often produce several versions of a particular model of car and it is common for each version to share components such as fuel pump and injectors. In such cases it is simply the ECU Map that allows the more expensive models to have better performance including increased torque and better 0-60 times.

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