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Diesel ECU Engine Tuning The Best Turbo/Non-Turbo Diesel Engine Tuning improving both the Performance-Torque and the MPG Economy of your Diesel Engine.

Top Engine Control Unit Tuning Tools & Technology

Performance ECU RemapsPerfect For High Performance Vehicles, Boots Performance, Torque, BHP And Also Improve The Overall Power Delivery.

What is Remapping? How we Transform Your Car

MPG Remaps For Improved Economy Lower Fuel costs with our Diesel Engine Economy remaps, Saving Fuel, increasing Engine Efficiency and improving Drivability.

Full Warranty | Remap Tuning You Can Trust

Complete Warranty Coverage. If in the rare case, you are not satisfied with the changes offered by our remap, all maps are covered under our 14 day 'return to default' warranty.

What is Remapping? How we Transform Your Car

ECU Remapping: How It Works 'Remapping' is the ground breaking method of extracting extra bhp, power or economy from your engine through a simple software process.

Full Warranty | Remap Tuning You Can Trust

Our Satisfaction PromiseEach map is customised to your demands and we promise to ensure no adverse effect to your vehicle. Your covered with our warranty and our word!

What kind of upgrade do you want. true potential

Increase Engine Power 's Top oBD Software

Add BHP, Torque & Power

 Performance For Petrol

Performance ECU Software

Available for Petrol & Diesels
Add BHP Add Torque
Improve Engine Pulling Power

Improved Throttle, Smoother Drive

Cheaper Fuel Costs

Add BHP, Torque & Power

 Fleet Efficiency Remaps

Diesel Economy ECU Software

Diesel Cars, Vans & HGV Engines
Add BHP Add Torque
 EVO Mmaps

Improved Throttle, Smoother Drive

 ECU Remapping Experts : The ONLY choice for high quality custom ECU Software & Vehicle ECU Remapping in the area. Speak to our Remap Specialist – Call 01282 505082 today.

Engine Tuning Experts have the remapping know-how, expertise and ECU Tuning Software to safely remap your car, bike or truck for more bhp. Still not convinced? See what our customers say about our engine tuning and car remapping solutions. Call us now on 01282 505082.
Engine Mapping Specialists are leading mobile car engine remapping experts in the area and surrounding areas.

  • Up to 35% MORE Power & BHP
  • Up to 25% MORE Fuel Efficiency
  • A Definite Improvement in Driving

Quality Car ECU Remapping | Diesel ECU Remapping | Increased Engine Power | Improved Pulling Power | Quicker Acceleration | Lower Fuel Costs | Improved Economy… Our Car Remapping Software offers high quality engine tuning and ECU Results Everytime at affordable Car Remapping Prices!

ECU Remaps are a dedicated engine tuning provider covering the area and more. Our tuning service is backed by one of the leading ECU Remap providers in Europe. Our pride lies in the FACT that none of our tuning files are generic or bought online. All our remaps are custom-tuned individually for your specific ECU Engine Control Unit.

So now you know why ‘The Remap Experts’ are the best choice for top quality Remapping for your car or van – ‘s Premier Engine Tuning Remap Service.

Engine Tuning Experts have a team of dedicated tuning and remapping technicians who personally tailor each map to the specific needs of you and your car. All ecu remaps are tried and tested before going to market at our head office and tested on our state of the art Dyno Rolling-Road. If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with the tuning done on your car or with the remap, please remember that we have a moneyback guarantee in place. This is between 7-28 days (to be confirmed at the time of remapping).

With years and years of Petrol Remapping experience in the Auto Tuning Industry and with hundreds of satisfied clients to support our claims, you don’t need to look any further. Ask us for a quote for ecu remaps, engine tuning or just for more power and better economy for your car or van, by filling in the form on this page or calling us on 01282 505082.

Engine Tuning and ECU Remap Experts are the real deal. Literally. Our comprehensive national network proves this. We are currently part of one of the largest tuning providers within the auto tuning industry. Our Engine Tuning and ECU Remap services make us the only ‘mobile ecu remapping company’ worth your while in the area.

We Are The ECU Remapping & Engine Tuning Experts

ECU remapping & chip tuning is the modern day method of tuning a car for performance & economy. No car tune is complete without an ECU remap. Learn more about Chip Tuning….

REMAP EXPERTS ECU Remapping has the knowledge, expertise & professionalism to safely tune your vehicle. Unsure? Want to see what our customers have to say about us and our ECU Remapping services. Browse the site and see.
All modern vehicles are fitted with an Engine Control Unit or ‘ECU’, this is the engines ‘brain’ and it has evolved from a simple circuit that controlled the ignition to a very sophisticated computer that now controls virtually every aspect of the car’s engine, from the amount of boost the turbo will create, when and how much fuel is injected, when the spark plugs fire, what pressure the fuel rail runs at, Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR, and Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF function and regeneration.

Why aren’t vehicles already remapped as standard?

When car manufacturers programme this ECU to control the engines function they have to be very liberal with the setting, taking into account the various markets that the car may end up in, the lack of maintenance certain owners will embellish on the car, poor fuel quality etc, etc. However car manufacturers will also down tune certain cars so that they fit into certain market categories as well as certain insurance categories.

Many times a lower model will be a down tuned higher model, using exactly the same engine components but simply down mapped at the factory to produce lower power.

Engine Chip Tuning: How It Works!

ECU remapping is the art of subtlety tuning the engines running parameters to achieve a higher state of tune. An ECU that is well remapped will result in a car that not only produces more power and torque it also returns a higher MPG and will drive smoother and be far more responsive that its standard counterpart. Prominent ecu tuning companies have the software, tools, technology and perhaps most importantly, the tuning experience to fine tune and remap your vehicle’s ECU to give it truly remarkable results.

Performance Remap Or Economy Tuning?!

Some people opt for an all out ‘Performance Tuning Map’ which boosts the vehicle’s acceleration, speed, torque and power. This map is available for both diesel and petrol vehicles. Others may want to go for an ‘Economy Remap’ which will, obviously, help their vehicle’s fuel economy and fuel efficiency.

This is nowadays, a very popular map for motorists, whether they are on the road a lot or a little. With the fuel prices today, any sort of saving can go a long way. The other option is to go for a ‘Balanced ECU Remap’. This remap will allow the driver to have the best of both worlds. It will give them better fuel economy and also give the vehicle that extra kick, when needed.

Sound like bold claims? The better ECU Remapping companies out there are prepared to offer all ECU Remapping and chip tuning on a 100% no quibble guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the result of your ECU Remap they should return and allow you to take your car back to them within 14 days and return it to standard and give you a full refund. The advice we give to everyone is always in their best interest. We always advise customers to take great care and consideration when choosing an ECU Remapping company.

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  • What Could Your Vehicle Achieve? Transform Your Vehicle! Check Your Gains!

    Add Instant Recognisable Shifts To Your Engine's BHP & Torque

    Improve Engine Performance, Add upto 25-35bhp Improved Power Delivery

    Improve Fuel Consumption, Add upto 4 mpg (short) & upto 10mpg on (longer runs)

    Easily Lower Your Fuel Costs And Save Around 60-80 Miles A Tank

    Recieve exact stats matching your vehicle.

    Preferably | Make / Model / Engine / Year

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    Remove DPF, EGR & All Other Engine Management Dashboard Errors

    Custom Tune & Tweak Every Engine Parameters

    Increase The Drivability & Enjoy An Altogether Smoother Drive

    Full Return To Original Warranty*

    Not Satisfied Money Back Guarantee*

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