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  • Ford Fiesta V 1.6 16v Petrol

    Ford ECU Software
  • Accurate Tuning Maps for the Greatest Power
  • Engine Specific Tuning Maps for optimum results
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Why Remap Your Ford

  • Add Instant Recognisable Shifts To Your Engine's BHP & Torque
  • Increase Your Engine's Performance For Maximum Power
  • Custom Tune & Tweak All Engine Parameters
  • Improve Pulling Power and Add Greater Control
  • Eliminate Flat Spots & Improve Throttle Response
  • Increase Drivability & Enjoy A Smoother Drive

Remap Information

BHP Gain (BHP)15 bhp
Torque Gain (nm)15 nm
Ford Fiesta V Remap Overview
  • Standard Power (BHP): 103 bhp
  • Remapped Power (BHP): 118 bhp
  • Standard Torque (nm): Xxx nm
  • Remapped Torque (nm): 15 nm
  • Fuel: Petrol

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Additional Information

Remap Experts are proud to offer the UK's No1 Ford Fiesta V ECU Tuning Remap solution. Call01282 505082 and Book your Ford Petrol Remap Today!

Awesome Power - Easily Installed - Fully Tested

Our custom-written Ford stage one remap chiptuning uses a unique software-based tuning system giving you complete control over your Ford Petrol engine.

Cutting Edge Ford Tuning Technology | Add More Power - Improves MPG - Increases Engine Response

All of our Ford Petrol chiptuning maps are custom written to provide instant recognisable increases in engine performance, vehicle driveability and fuel economy. By lettting our qualified Ford remap engineers custom-tune your Ford Fiesta V we can add increases to BHP and torque. In turn helping improve MPG, especially on higher performance Ford Fiesta V models, and vehicles used for towing heavier loads. Our experienced chiptuning engineers have year's of Petrol remap engineering experience. So rest assured your vehicle's good hands.

Top Reviewed Ford Fiesta V Engine Tuning Experts

ECU Remapping & Engine Chip Tuning Experts | Top Quality Petrol, Economy Balanced Remaps, DPF/EGR Removal

Remap Experts promise to always provide a truly unique and fully customised Ford Fiesta V chip tuning solution, written and supplied solely for your Ford Fiesta V ECU.

We have years of experience, a robust warranty and rest assured your engine will only be tuned by a qualified remap technician belonging to the top Ford Fiesta V remap tuning expert in the area. We promise to ensure each tuning file is customised to your desired needs and always aim to provide you recognisable results in a safe and accurate manner so there isn’t any adverse affect on your car or engine. Ford Fiesta V Remaps | Ford Fiesta V Remaps | Ford Fiesta V Remaps | Ford Fiesta V Remaps | Ford Fiesta V Remaps | Ford Fiesta V Remaps | Ford Fiesta V Remaps | Ford Fiesta V Remaps | Ford Fiesta V Remaps | Ford Fiesta V Remaps |


What Could Your Vehicle Achieve? Transform Your Vehicle! Check Your Gains!

Add Instant Recognisable Shifts To Your Engine's BHP & Torque

Improve Engine Performance, Add upto 25-35bhp Improved Power Delivery

Improve Fuel Consumption, Add upto 4 mpg (short) & upto 10mpg on (longer runs)

Easily Lower Your Fuel Costs And Save Around 60-80 Miles A Tank

Recieve exact stats matching your vehicle.

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Remove DPF, EGR & All Other Engine Management Dashboard Errors

Custom Tune & Tweak Every Engine Parameters

Increase The Drivability & Enjoy An Altogether Smoother Drive

Full Return To Original Warranty*

Not Satisfied Money Back Guarantee*

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