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 Engine Tuning For Fuel Economy – Specialist Audi, BMW, Tdi Diesel Engine Tuning. Improve Fuel Economy, Lower Diesel Costs &  Save Money On Fuel: Increased MPG & Savings Guarnteed –01282 505082 – Also offering Diesel Programmers for Fuel Mileage & Top Diesel Fuel Economy Improvements

Engine Tuning For Fuel Economy and Turbo Diesel Remapping is an absolute must for anyone who owns a diesel car, van or truck. Apart from the added benefits of more power and more torque, there is the huge advantage of ‘diesel economy’. When you can save anything between 10-15% on fuel costs, then it is definitely worth researching. Right?

Engine Tuning For Fuel Economy & Diesel Engine Tuning Software Gains. Engine Chipping and Remapping

Once your car has the pleasure of a Economy Engine Tuning Remap, you will find that your diesel car or van now boasts the following improvements:

  • Improved Economy
  • Increased MPG
  • Increased throttle response
  • Removed flat spots
  • Smoother power delivery
  • A Better & Smoother Drive!

Book in now with Diesel Economy Tuning Experts on 01282 505082.

ECU Diesel Engine Tuning for Diesel Economy? What and how?

Diesel fuel and diesel cars and vans, have, in the past, been referred to and seen as heavy fuel for heavy cars. It used to be associated with tractors, trucks and lorries. However, this has now changed. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Diesel fuel system cars are now running head to head with their petrol equivalent. The progression that has been made in the diesel fuel field, even with all the different diesel fuel grades, has been astounding. And now the level and benchmarks that diesel cars are performing at are very impressive. However, the one difference that is still apparent is that when driven in a similar fashion, the diesel car will always give you more mpg than the petrol equivalent. This is why Diesel Economy Tuning and Diesel Remapping makes more sense when you have a diesel car or van. Here, at Diesel Economy Tuning, we offer the following options for Diesel Economy ECU Remapping:

  • Engine Tuning For Fuel Economy for Diesel Cars
  • Economy Engine Remaps for Diesel Vans
  • Economy ECU Mapping for Lorries
  • Engine Tuning For Fuel Economy Truck Tuning Remaps
  • Engine Tuning For Fuel Economy for Diesel Vehicles & Petrol Engine Tuning
  • Engine Economy Remapping for HGVs
  • Engine Tuning For Fuel Economy for Motorbikes
  • Engine Tuning For Fuel Economy for Tractors
  • Engine Tuning For Fuel Economy Remaps for Agricultural Vehicles
  • ECU Economy Remapping for Plant Machinery

Economy Remap customers have reported that after having our ECU Economy Tuning done to their car, van or vehicle, they have seen a definite increase in fuel economy within the region of 17-22% (diesel cars and vehicles).

So, all that’s left to ask is… What’s taking you so long? Ring us NOW on01282 505082.

Diesel Remapping Engines for Economy? Is it safe?

Our ECU Remapping service is carried out by professional and knowledgeable engineers, who really are experts in the engine tuning field. These remap analysts are fully qualified and approved ecu remapping engineers who have many years experience in engine tuning and engine chipping solutions.

This high quality service isn’t something that comes easy and we don’t take it for granted either. All economy remaps carried out by any Tuning engineer are never carried out until all the necessary safety precautions and systems have been checked and carried out. When we write an economy tuning map for your vehicle, there are certain parameters within the ECU file that are modified, which noticeably help improve engine and fuel efficiency. For example:

  • Turbo Pressure
  • Boost Pressure
  • Timing and Pressure adjustment
  • Fuel Pulse alteration

How Can Diesel Engine Tuning For Fuel Economy Help Lower My Fuel Costs?

We’ll make it simple for you, so you understand how it is that ecu remapping ‘will’ help you save money on fuel and will also help reduce your carbon footprint:

Lower Revs (with added Torque) + Higher Gear = Increased MPG


Regardless of whether you drive around in a hybrid or a three ton 4×4, it’s still a probability that you will be able to get a little more mileage from each litre of fuel. And at today’s fuel prices, any sort of improvement can add up to quite something!

The ten tips shown below have served motorists well over the years, me, being one of them, and if you add a few of the tips together the increase in mpg will really become apparent and help take ‘some’ of the soreness out of high fuel bills! It might take time but once you incorporate these ‘good habits’ into your daily routine, you’ll find that the tips really do help.

We Are The Diesel ECU Remapping, Audi Diesel Remapping, Mobile Diesel Remapping &, Turbo Diesel Tuning Specialists.

With fuel prices on the increase yet again, we look at how we can help you save with ‘The top ten tips for motorists to help save money on fuel whilst driving’. Although fuel consumption differs for different vehicles, motorists will find that by following these tips, not only will they increase their mpg & fuel efficiency but they will also be doing their bit for the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.


One of the best ways to save on fuel is just reduce your speed. Fuel economy is reduced as you speed up. If you’re one of those drivers that tries sticking to the ‘10% over the speed limit is ok’ rule, just try and stick to the speed limit for a week or so. You’ll be amazed to find out how much fuel you will actually save, around 7% per 5mph slower, and your journeys won’t take that much longer either… Just make sure you stay in the left-hand side lane, just so you don’t obstruct the intolerant ones!


Under inflated tyres are probably the most neglected cause of shoddy mpg. Tyres which are under inflated have more resistance, which means you will have to use more fuel to drive your vehicle. You should check your tyre pressure once a month at least & you should check them when they are cold. Check the owner’s manual for your vehicle’s correct tyre pressures or on the driver’s doorjamb. Having big, fancy alloys and wheels can also affect your mpg as you will use more fuel to move around.


An air filter that isn’t clean can restrict the airflow into the engine, thus harming engine performance & fuel economy. It is easy to check; just hold it up to a light & if the light doesn’t penetrate through, you need to change it (or clean it, if it’s a permanent one!). Air filters such as the K&N permanent filters are ones which don’t need to be thrown away when dirty and can just be cleaned. These are better for the environment too!


Although you shouldn’t be moving off at a snail’s pace, every time you stop, accelerating sharply is an obvious fuel waster. If you drive a vehicle that’s automatic, accelerate slowly, giving it the chance to shift up into a higher gear. And if you drive a manual, shift gears early, so you keep the revs down, but downshift if you feel you need to accelerate more. You should also keep an eye further ahead, so you are able to brake gradually, instead of having to brake hard and sudden. This wastes fuel too.


If your vehicle has the cruise control function & there isn’t alot of traffic, you’ll find that you save alot of fuel if you use it. It helps you keep your speed at a constant, meaning you don’t have to keep accelerating and burning more fuel.


Using your vehicle’s AC impacts the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. So if, and when possible, don’t turn it on and open your windows and/or sunroof. However, at higher speeds it’s better to have the AC on then windows open as you’ll increase drag with the wind resistance. For those of you lucky enough to be driving in place where it’s unbearably hot, and must use your AC, turn it off 15mins before you reach your destination. Also you can always try parking in the shade, as this will help keeping you and your vehicle cool!


If like me, you’re not as clean as you should be, when it comes to your car, you should make a habit of going through your vehicle at least once every couple of months. It’s easy to find out you’re lugging around an extra 10-15kgs of stuff you don’t need, therefore burning more fuel too!


If your journey involves alot of traffic-lights, it’s probably not going to be the most fuel-efficient. Stop-starting increases the amount of fuel used. Although not always simple, using back roads, to avoid busier motorways or main roads can be more fuel efficient.


Re-evaluate whether your vehicle is the right size for you. Smaller cars are naturally more fuel efficient and nowadays are safer & more spacious than ever. And if you don’t already know it, hybrids really work. New models such as the Honda CR-Z and the Toyota Prius V make it alot more easier to choose one you will like.

10. DON’T DRIVE??!

I know you’re probably thinking, hold on, what does that mean? But it’s true. Don’t drive if you don’t need to. Best way to save fuel. If you can walk, ride a bike or catch a bus easily, do it! And if you find you have to drive, try and car-share. One vehicle on the road is better than two or three. And if you take turns with someone, you’ll save money too!

ECU Remapping is also a way that can help you save fuel. There are alot of companies that are offering this service but be very careful who you take your car to. Do yourself a favour and CHECK OUT our Engine Tuning For Fuel Economy service you won’t be disappointed.

  OBD Remaps
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 BMW X5 Engine Tuning

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