We always aim for complete satisfaction when it comes to our customers. This is why we use your original ECU tuning file from your car engine's ECU. We save the original file and then modify a copy of this file with all our changes. The original file is always saved as a backup, so it's there in case of an emergency or if you change your mind at any time.

ECU Remap Experts: Brought to you by Remap Experts. ‘s Top Engine Tuning, Chip Tuning Experts. Get in touch on01282 505082 to speak to an Engine Tuning Specialist.

Remap Experts are happy to help you at any time. Whether you’re ready for ECU Remapping or not, give us a call on01282 505082 for a chat or come visit us at Lancashire, UK.. We are happy to talk you through it, to help put your mind on ease and help you decide. ECU Remapping Software

With over 15 years of experience in the Car ECU Remapping engine tuning industry and by using the very best tools in the ECU Remapping & Engine Tuning field, we promise to provide you with the highest standards in both service and satisfaction. Want to know more about us? Read on for more details about our ecu remapping & chip tuning services.

Based in , our ECU Remapping and engine tuning services not only cover the area but the whole of the UK via our comprehensive network of ECU Remapping agents. And by means of our secure ECU postal courier service, we also cover the rest of the world! Please enquire about the postal service on01282 505082 to see if we are able to cover the country or area you are calling from.

ECU Tuning also offer many other services: We have many diagnostic systems and are able to provide diagnostic read-outs for most makes and models. Our technicians undergo constant training to keep them up-to-date with any new methods or equipment in the industry. They are all trained to deal with the analysis and repair, if need be, of engine systems and electronics. All our employees are fully insured and licensed to drive any type vehicle, from cars to HGV’s, motorbikes to tractors for the purpose of remapping your car.

With years of experience and knowledge about the auto tuning industry and by using only the very best in ECU remapping & Engine Tuning technology; there is no doubt that we will provide the highest quality in both service and customer satisfaction.

At Engine Tuning, we treat every customer’s car, van or bike, like our personal. Which means we always keep our word. If we promise you that the vehicle gets more energy and torque from an ecu remap, then which means you will. And now we constantly reiterate we never ever place any unwarranted anxiety in your engine; with this you may be sure! All our ecu remapping and engine tuning is done toward greatest standard and REMEMBER any map file we load is always safe for your engine. We’ve never really had a customer that has complained about their vehicle, van or bicycle, deteriorating or having an engine issue, because of a remap by us.

Our specialist remap designers constantly create someone remap apply for each customer. No two map files are ever equivalent! The initial ECU file from your own automobile is used and modified, with copies of old and modified files kept, in the event you ever believe that you intend to switch back once again to the pre-remap mode of the car. Saving the initial file is vital and essential is changing the original ECU apply for the remap tune. This is because in most cases, you will have specific crucial updates kept with this file through the dealers during servicing including, when missed away can damage the engine in quick or long term. For the ‘ordinary’ ecu remapping businesses available to you, this isn’t an issue, as all they appear for could be the quick fix. Wham Bham and not way too long after your remap, there goes your engine! The alternative is knowing what you’re doing and spending as long as it will take to master the remap file. Some files can occasionally take us up to on a daily basis to finalise and perfect and this isn’t because we have been amateurs, it is because we value YOU and we custom tune each map! Unlike nearly all our alleged ‘competitors’, here, at Engine Remapping, a generic remap file will never be properly used on any vehicle!

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