Remap Experts have you covered. If in the rare case, you are not satisfied with the changes offered by our remap, all maps are covered under our 14 day 'return to default' warranty.

Peace of mind ensured. Engine Tuning are a trusted and experienced name in the ecu remapping industry and we offer an ECU tuning and remapping warranty to prove that.

Having to talk about our warranty isn’t something we are accustomed to doing. This is only because we have very rarely had reason to do so. BUT, we do understand how for some people, having that warranty there just means that there is some peace of mind for you when it comes to choosing who should remap your car. Here, at   Engine Tuning we don’t ‘do unhappy customers’. We know how to satisfy a customer because we understand what you guys want. However, we are still happy and willing to offer a full refund, or product guarantee, to any customer who isn’t completely satisfied with the ECU Remapping Software engine tuning we have carried out on their car, van or motorbike.

‘s Premier Engine Tuning & ECU Remapping Service. Fully Backed ECU Remapping Warranty? Yes!

As mentioned above, there is, of course, a time limit for this, as you can probably appreciate, as we wouldn’t really be able to give you a refund a couple of months after the Car Engine Remapping but are happy to offer one within any agreed terms prior to the tuning being carried out.

We feel that this shows how confident we are in our ecu map writing skills and overall engine tuning ability. I mean, if we didn’t know what we were doing or thought we weren’t that good, then we’d hardly offer you your money back if you weren’t satisfied, would we? BUT we know how good our in-house ecu map file writers are and we also know that you will be completely satisfied with all of our services.

With years of experience in the Auto Tuning Industry and with hundreds of satisfied clients to support our claims.01282 505082

All of our ecu tuning and engine remapping products come with a moneyback guarantee that is valid for any period between 7 to 28 days. This is because we are confident that you ARE going to be happy with the results of your remap! We are a trusted name in the ecu remapping industry: As is our engine tuning & ecu remap warranty. And your car is as safe with us as your money is in your bank account. So you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Got Questions? Want to know about BMW Engine Tuning? Diesel ECU Remapping? Petrol Engine Tuning? Or even Ford Zetec Engine Tuning? Get all the answers you need from our Remap Tuning Engineers.

Get in touch on01282 505082 or on info@remapexperts.co.uk if you can’t find the answer to your question below:

Q: Will ECU Remapping or Engine Tuning affect my car’s manufacturer warranty?

A: No. It shouldn’t be affected. You may need to check with your Dealer Workshop to confirm this. What we can advise is that an ECU Remap is a software modification and therefore is undetectable to a dealer level diagnostic check. For example, if your car goes in for a service, the tuned file will be transparent on the dealer level diagnostic equipment.

Q: What ECU Tuning Tool do you use?

A: Our ECU tuning engineers have been trained to use most of the leading tuning tools and the accompanying software out there. From Alientech’s KESS V2, K-TAG, ECM Titanium, Powergate and the Powergate III. We also demonstrate use of the Dimsport Genius Tuning Tool. Please call us on 01282 505082 for up-to-date information on our tuning tools and training.

Q: Can you come to my house or work to tune my car?

A: Yes. We offer a mobile engine tuning service too. We can come to your home or place of work to remap your car or van. However, some ECUs need to come out to be tuned, so in these cases you will have to come to the workshop.

Q: What is your address and what are your opening times?

A: Our workshop address is Lancashire, UK.. Our opening times are Monday-Friday 09:00-17:30 and Saturdays 09:00-12:00. Get in touch today and find out about remapping your car.

REMAP EXPERTS  boasts cutting edge ECU Tuning tools & years of experienced engine remapping. Not only do they use the latest equipment & software to remap your cars ECU, but also pride themselves on having trained & experienced in-house writers who build all remaps individually. Meaning generic maps are never used!

Why choose REMAP EXPERTS ECU Remapping for your ECU Remapping & Engine Tuning needs? Let us explain… Their ECU Remap writers will write specific maps for your ECU and the remap will be geared to what you require. Rest assured they never use generic remaps so you can be sure that your vehicle is always in safe hands. REMAP EXPERTS ECU Remapping invest heavily in new technology and we have a whole array of the latest software, test equipment and dealer level diagnostic tools at our disposal, thus ensuring that the map written for your car will be of the best possible quality & will get you the best results. Of course they appreciate that it takes more than tools to get a job done and this is why the map writers that they employ are qualified professionals with a firm background in the automotive chip tuning and ecu programming industry.

Their new dynamometer allows them to monitor exactly what the engine is doing, how much boost the turbo is developing, the intake air temperature, the air fuel ratio, oil temperature, coolant temperature and of course the power & torque that the engine is developing. All of this data allows BHP to optimise the ECU remap to the highest standard possible. They constantly & closely monitor the effects of all the small changes they make to the ECU during the remapping process.

REMAP EXPERTS also has a dyno rolling road, which has a built in weather station to monitor ambient conditions and the dyno software also constantly compensates for climatic changes. The dynojet rolling road also measures transmission losses so unlike the competition and lesser ECU remapping companies we can’t exaggerate the power figures by underestimating transmission losses.
REMAP EXPERTS’s Remap Warranty

REMAP EXPERTS ECU Remapping is a trusted name in the remap industry & so is their engine tuning & remap warranty. They take ECU remapping & Engine Tuning very seriously. Their motto is quite serious, “It’s more than just a business for us, it’s our passion.”

REMAP EXPERTS ECU Remapping has a simple ECU Remapping guarantee, at REMAP EXPERTS ECU Remapping, customer satisfaction is paramount. Whether you just have an enquiry about engine tuning, ecu remapping or chip tuning or you decide to let them remap your car/tune your car, they will always put you first. Their remap technicians are on hand to answer questions or queries at all times. These technicians at are extremely highly skilled and qualified in all aspects of turbo tuning technology and therefore give BHP a solid background for our warranty.

If you ever have a problem or complaint, REMAP EXPERTS are always happy to rectify all problems. This, however, is completely unheard of but to prove how confident they are in the top quality remaps they provide, they offer a full refund if you aren’t completely happy! This is the strongest indicator of their confidence in their ecu remapping and tuning and the ability of their in house map writers.


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Description: The boys at Remap Experts know what they are doing. They know what they are talking about. Their maps are of the highest quality. Recommend to all car fanatics and petrolheads!
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