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Remap Experts possess all the latest ecu remapping, engine tuning technology and years of chip tuning knowledge.

Remap Experts have access to probably the best and most qualified tuning map writers around! Generic map files are damaging and are NEVER used by us!

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ECU Remap File Writers… Are they Qualified or just Self Trained?

Remap Experts has specialist ecu remap file writers working in-house during work hours. These maps are written specifically for each individual vehicle’s ECU and to your specific requirements. You may want some extra torque in lower gears or just out and out performance throughout all the gears. Once you explain what you want from your remap, we try our level best to safely remap your vehicle to that criteria. Obviously, there are times when we will advise you on certain aspects of the remap, with regards to the safe parameters of your engine and how best to remap your vehicle. In such cases, you should trust our advice and judgement as sometimes it is better to leave the exact build of the remap to the experts. Please note, however, that here at Remap Experts, we never ever use generic map files for ecu remapping and engine performance car tuning.

Are our ECU Remapping skills for real OR just tricks of our Remap Tool?

Remap Experts are ahead of the game. Always. But this isn’t easy. This is because we invest immensely in the latest technology, the most recent software and the most up-to-date hardware. We also possess dealer level diagnostic tools and test equipment, which allows us to write the highest quality map possible with the most optimum results. But all this isn’t easy… We appreciate that and we hope you do too? This is why Remap Experts realise that it takes more than some hardware and software to get the job done properly. This is why we only employ the best ecu tuning programmers in the industry. These qualified professionals come with an extensive background in the automotive industry and also know a thing or two about remapping!

Choose the top local tuning agent with years of experience to match! Why trust anyone else?

Be careful of the companies that brag about a large database of maps, as this, more often than not, implies that they are using generic map files, which are, believe it or not, can be easily bought for a very small fee from the internet! We will NEVER do this! All of our ecu remaps are practiced and perfected on a state of the art dyno rolling road. Any modifications that are made to the ECU file have all been tested on this rolling road so we know exactly what to tune and what to expect from each alteration.

The fact that we have a rolling road at our disposal, on which all maps are tried and tested is an indication of our expertise and seriousness about ECU remapping and engine tuning. What this does mean is that you should steer well clear from some of the backstreet garages or amateurs out there who offer ecu remaps with nothing more than a remap tool and a laptop!

Got Questions? Get all the answers you need from Qualified Remap & Tuning Engineers.

Get in touch if you can’t find the answer to your question below:

Q: Will you need to dismantle my ECU to program it?

A: Normally on most modern cars we can engine tune the car ECU through the OBD port. However there are some models which will require a bench remap. This means that we need to take the ECU out before we can map it. Don’t be alarmed though. We wouldn’t risk taking the ECU out of your car, if we weren’t 100% confident that we can safely tune your car. All work is done by professionals.

Q: What ECU Tuning Tool do you use?

A: Our ECU tuning engineers have been trained to use most of the leading tuning tools and the accompanying software out there. From Alientech’s KESS V2, K-TAG, ECM Titanium, Powergate and the Powergate III. We also demonstrate use of the Dimsport Genius Tuning Tool. Please call us on01282 505082 for up-to-date information on our tuning tools and training. These tools and techniques are used to perfect our petrol and diesel ecu remapping.

Q: Can you come to my house or work to tune my car?

A: Yes. We offer a mobile service too. This includes , , , , , , , , and . We can come to your home or place of work to remap your car or van. However, some ECUs need to come out to be tuned, so in these cases you will have to come to the workshop.

Q: What is your address and what are your opening times?

A: Our workshop address is Lancashire, UK. and our opening times are Monday-Friday 09:00-17:30 and Saturdays 09:00-12:00.

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