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Engine Tuning Experts are just a phone call away. Looking for more bhp and torque? Or just better fuel economy?

Look no further. Here at Remap Experts we have the tools and knowledge to safely tune any make and model of car. Old or new. Please call us on 01282 505082 or check our Remap Gains page by clicking here.

Petrol Engine Tuning ECU Remap Experts. Knowledge. Experience. Better torque, better bhp. Simples.

Not only do we offer you a high standard of Petrol engine tuning and diesel engine tuning, we are also specialist tuners for Audi, Mercedes, BMW and all other leading makes. Engine chipping and remapping is what our specialist map-writers are trained up to the highest standard in. We also know a thing or two about diesel engine tuning chips!

Call Diesel Engine Remapping on 01282 505082 or email on info@remapexperts.co.uk. We are here for your queries, questions and general advice. Whether it’s regarding more power, torque or just a fuel economy query…

Engine Remapping and ECU Remapping Experts have 100+ Remap Agents nationwide. That means whether you’re in or you’ve got a friend 100 miles away, we can help. That’s what we do! So don’t keep searching online for who can give you the cheapest deal. The cheapest deal doesn’t have to mean it’s the best one. And more often than not, it isn’t. “If it’s too be good to be true…” You know the rest! Get in touch with ECU Remapping Specialists in your area today. We cover most makes and models under our mobile ecu remapping service. Give us a call on 01282 505082 to confirm and to book.

Get in touch now to have your engine remapped, ecu tuned, chipped. Whatever you want to call it. We are experts at it. So don’t delay, get it remapped TODAY! Engine Tuning on 01282 505082.

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Add Instant Recognisable Shifts To Your Engine's BHP & Torque

Improve Engine Performance, Add upto 25-35bhp Improved Power Delivery

Improve Fuel Consumption, Add upto 4 mpg (short) & upto 10mpg on (longer runs)

Easily Lower Your Fuel Costs And Save Around 60-80 Miles A Tank

Recieve exact stats matching your vehicle.

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